Tips For Selecting A Business Attorney

  1. Do not choose a law firm. Select the lawyer who will be giving you advice and doing your work.
  2. Make certain that the attorney’s practice is heavily concentrated in representing businesses, and that the attorney has been representing businesses for a substantial length of time.
  3. Select an attorney who manages his or her own law firm, and thus understands the challenges of running a business.
  4. Question a prospective attorney extensively about what services he/she provides for his/her business clients.
  5. Ask the attorney for client references, and ask those references about the attorney’s services, availability, etc.
  6. A social service background is a good sign.
  7. An overriding personal interest in money is a bad sign.
  8. The attorney should have the capacity to personally handle all regular phases of your business affairs.
  9. The attorney should have close working relationships with a network of experts, in or out of the attorney’s firm, covering all auxiliary fields, such as intellectual property.
  10. The attorney should have an extensive network of contacts who can help you with any phase of your business – accounting, insurance, technical support, marketing, vendors, etc.