Terminating Laundry Room Contracts

If you are a property owner or manager who wants to terminate a laundry room contract, we have the expertise to properly assist you.

If any law firm can assist you with terminating or avoiding a laundry room lease or contract, we are that law firm!

Property owners or managers across the USA often find themselves having to deal with a laundry company that they don’t like, don’t want, or perhaps didn’t even know about when they took over the property.  We frequently are asked by property owners or managers to assist them in terminating or avoiding laundry room leases or contracts, or getting rid of poorly performing laundry companies, or simply forcing laundry companies to actually fulfill their contractual obligations.  With 32 years of experience in handling thousands of laundry room lease problems and disputes, no law firm is better equipped than we are to assist you with a laundry company that:

  • Insists it has a lease or contract that lasts for many years, which it claims you can’t avoid or get out of
  • Disputes your right to terminate its lease at the expiration of the lease’s current term
  • Declares that it has the right to match any new lease which you may wish to enter into with another company
  • Won’t replace its old, malfunctioning machines
  • Doesn’t repair inoperable machines within the required time period
  • Pays you less money than what you believe is the full amount due
  • Denies your request to count or monitor the laundry revenue collections
  • Refuses to follow your rules for vendors who come to your property

If there is a legal way for you to terminate or otherwise avoid an unwanted relationship with a laundry company, or simply force the laundry company to fulfill its obligations, we can identify that legal strategy for you, and help you undertake it.  If you feel that a laundry company owes you money, or should have to install better laundry machines, we can advise and assist you with those needs as well.

Call us at 630-548-5800 for a consultation about your problem with a laundry company, and what you might be able to do about it.  The property owners or managers who do so tell us that they are glad they “called the right person.” 


Winick & Gallaher has been a pleasure to work with.  Their expertise and insights have been of remarkable value to our company.  And they’re a pleasure to work with.  Highly recommend this firm.

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