Laundry Service Industry Law

Our attorneys represent companies in the laundry service “route” business throughout the United States.  Our lawyers have handled over 5,000 laundry room matters, including over 500 lawsuits.

Winick & Gallaher, P.C. has gained national prominence for unparalleled expertise in representing companies engaged in the laundry service industry throughout the United States over the past three decades. Our attorneys have handled over 5,000 laundry room matters, including over 500 lawsuits.

We represent large, mid-sized, and small companies, engaged in both coin-operated “route” businesses and laundromat businesses.

Our services have included the following:

  • Quickly ending literally thousands of disputes with property owners and managers, frequently with just one letter or telephone call
  • Analyzing problems, reviewing leases, and advising companies as to their best course of action, and the legal strength of their positions
  • Preparing memos to companies with new ideas for how to best handle common or unusual issues
  • Drafting state-of-the-art, frequently imitated leases, which maximize income, avoid costly problems, and enhance legal remedies
  • Providing customized lease language to meet specific situations
  • Conducting every type of laundry room litigation imaginable
  • Educating and supervising attorneys across the country in laundry room lease cases
  • Negotiating the most advantageous settlements possible
  • Explaining what laundry companies should not say in their letters to property owners and managers
  • Providing mandatory language for laundry machine labels and laundry room wall signs
  • Interpretation and construction of laundry room leases
  • Counseling on the notice of unrecorded leases conveyed by a laundry company’s open possession of premises
  • Litigating the illegality of “self help” evictions of laundry companies
  • Obtaining damages recoverable in court for breaches of laundry room leases
  • Little known ways to use right of first refusal clauses
  • The right to maintain possession even after rejection of a lease in a bankruptcy case
  • Asserting law regarding laundry room contracts being leases rather than licenses
  • What to do when a lessor tells you to remove your machines for “laundry room remodeling”
  • How to handle undocumented claims of new property ownership
  • A lessor’s duty to secure its laundry facilities
  • Avoiding the dangers inherent in subordination agreements
  • Negotiating Laundry Room Leases
  • Terminating Laundry Room Leases
  • Laundry room disputes
  • Laundry room litigation

We have obtained published court decisions that created important legal precedents for our clients, including rulings that (1) upheld our argument that a notice of termination sent 6 days after the deadline imposed by a lease was invalid and unenforceable, (2) found that a lease’s automatic renewal clause was not unconscionable, (3) declared that attempting to foreclose a known laundry room lease without giving the laundry company notice of the foreclosure proceeding would be unconstitutional, and (4) confirmed that a laundry room lease was a covenant that ran with the land, and bound successor owners of the property.

We can give any laundry company a wealth of ideas for enhancing its routine operations, for avoiding problems, and for dealing with problems after they occur. We are frequently told that no one represents laundry companies as well as we do. The one thing we are certain of is that no other law firm enjoys this type of work as much as we do. Our job is to make your job easier and more profitable.

If you feel that our experience, skill, and enthusiasm might be of benefit to your company, then we would be pleased to hear from you. Feel free to contact Russel Winick about laundry service industry law at (630) 548-5800 at your convenience.


Winick & Gallaher has been a pleasure to work with.  Their expertise and insights have been of remarkable value to our company.  And they’re a pleasure to work with.  Highly recommend this firm.

Stephan Perrault
Wellspring Creative Communications

As a new small business owner, I came to Joseph with many questions regarding protecting both myself and my business. Joseph exceeded my expectations in answering my questions thoroughly and swiftly. He certainly has put my mind at ease! From creating a client waiver to filing my LLC and trademarks, he has made me feel supported along this journey of growing my business. I highly recommend Joseph for any of your small business needs!

Michelle Stratton
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