Successfully Handling Customer Threats

Occasional customer complaints are a fact of life for all laundry service companies.  The condition of the laundry machines, the speed of service, and the amount of rent paid, tend to be the most common sources of complaints.  Naturally, you always want to, and try to, resolve disputes amicably.  But when such efforts fail, and the customer complaints escalate into threats of removing your equipment or banning you from the premises, or claims that you don’t have an enforceable lease, are you prepared to respond appropriately?

A proper response first requires that you know your legal rights.  A lawyer experienced in such matters is essential.  The lawyer doesn’t have to be located where you are, but he or she has to be well versed in the applicable laws of the state where the property in dispute is located.  Your lawyer has to gather all pertinent background facts, review your lease and any other relevant documents, apply the law to the facts, and then advise you of your legal rights.  If your lawyer has spent many years assisting laundry companies, he or she should also be able to help you with consideration of each of your available business options.

Obtaining a favorable result in a dispute with a customer isn’t always about having the stronger legal position – although that never hurts.  It is, however, always about having the greater leverage in the situation.  Often, leverage comes from having the best legal argument.  But sometimes, leverage is created by simply knowing the law, and intimidating the landlord with that knowledge.  Other times, having the greater ability to absorb the financial consequences of a lawsuit, or the delays inherent in litigation, can yield the desired result.  In every dispute, the lessor’s (landlord’s) desires and weaknesses should be explored, and a specifically tailored, cost-effective strategy developed.

Over the past 30 years, our law firm has resolved literally thousands of customer disputes for laundry service companies across the country, often by sending the landlord just one letter that discourages them from proceeding with their complaints.  Achieving that objective results from our knowledge of the applicable laws of all 50 States, and our understanding of what landlords want, and what they fear.  It’s all about finding, and capitalizing on, the leverage that the laundry company may have in any given situation.  And if there’s no leverage, we’ll quickly tell you so.

If our assistance with a customer dispute could be of benefit to you, we would be happy to hear from you.