Cloud Computing

So, You Want To Move Your Business To The Cloud

Business owners are increasingly interested in using the cloud for operation of their enterprise software and for storage for their mission-critical data.  Clouds offer business owners a cost-effective alternative to conventional on-site server systems, and for companies with mission-critical data, the cloud is increasingly being considered a key
component for business disaster recovery.  However, like other technology services, business owners should beware of what relying on a cloud could mean to their business.  Therefore, before you sign a contract with a cloud storage service provider, you would be wise to consult with your business attorney.

Your attorney should review the cloud service contract to ensure that it provides you with assurances regarding where your enterprise software is operating, where your data is being stored, whether your data is being
encrypted, how privacy is being handled, and whether your data is being mined.  In the future, if your data is needed to rebuild or redesign your database, will it be in a format that is useful to your IT department?  How are down-times measured, and what assurances are you being given to ensure that your business will continue to operate seamlessly when it moves to the cloud?  Only an experienced business attorney can help you to address  these critical issues.  To avoid having your business being blown away in the cloud, can contact Winick & Gallaher, P.C.