Making Non Compete Agreements That Stick

Non-compete agreements can be useful for protecting valuable  business interests.  But to be effective, their terms and their application by  the employer must meet numerous new standards recently established by the Illinois Supreme Court, and the Illinois Appellate Court.  Until 2011, Illinois  law generally disfavored non-compete agreements, and employers struggled to  draft non-compete agreements that could hold up in court.  However, […]

Piercing The Corporate Veil Now Reaches Non Shareholders And Non Officers

The Illinois Appellate Court has just ruled for the first time that when a corporation’s “veil” is pierced, a person who is not a shareholder or officer of the corporation may be held liable for its debts.  “Piercing the corporate veil” is a practice employed by parties injured by corporations, when the assets of the corporation are insufficient to […]

Cloud Computing

So, You Want To Move Your Business To The CloudBusiness owners are increasingly interested in using the cloud for operation of their enterprise software and for storage for their mission-critical data.  Clouds offer business owners a cost-effective alternative to conventional on-site server systems, and for companies with mission-critical data, the cloud is increasingly being considered a keycomponent for business […]

Insurance – Distinguishing Between Smokers and Non-Smokers

Illinois law allows employers to make distinctions between smokers and non-smokers with respect to insurance benefits. Illinois, like many other states, has a “smokers’ rights” law (820 ILCS 55/1) which prohibits employers from: (1) refusing to hire, (2) discharging, or (3) disadvantaging with respect to compensation, terms, conditions or privileges of employment, any individual because […]

Saving Your Lease When A Property Owner Goes Bankrupt

With the longstanding economic downturn, many property owners have been forced into bankruptcy, and this is likely to continue for some time. Many laundry companies assume that if a property which they lease becomes involved in a bankruptcy case, their leases will automatically be terminated as a result. That is wrong! Little known provisions of […]

Every Agreement Is Perfect, Until Something Goes Wrong

I had a client (Rob for this article’s purpose) who was a successful entrepreneur. He had an astute business sense for determining businesses that consumers were interested in, but became bored pretty easily after the business became established. When he was young, a local businessman had originally invited him into his first business venture, letting […]

Successfully Handling Customer Threats

Occasional customer complaints are a fact of life for all laundry service companies.  The condition of the laundry machines, the speed of service, and the amount of rent paid, tend to be the most common sources of complaints.  Naturally, you always want to, and try to, resolve disputes amicably.  But when such efforts fail, and […]